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Full Stack Developer with many years of hands-on experience designing, developing, and implementing applications and solutions using a range of technologies and programming languages. Seeking to leverage broad development experience and hands-on technical expertise in a challenging role as a Software Developer.
Software Platform and Website Developer Charles D. Gonzalez, Miami FL USA


“Charles has capably assisted my law firm with various projects. He has a great “can do” attitude and no job is too large or too small for him. He has a vast knowledge in the area of technology and actually wrote software programs to automate matters to which he was assigned.”

Software Platform and Website Developer Charles D. Gonzalez, Miami FL USA

Marjorie Wolasky -
Owner at Woalsky Law P.A

No one needs a website, but everyone needs powerful transformation.



Development that leaves customers in awe, positively builds your brand awarness with exponential growth.

It ensures a consistency of value in your customers view on your business while showing what makes you unique.


I make sure that your software can handle above and beyond scale. You have a 100M users on your platform? Not a problem.

Being someone who has worked with full cycle production software development at scale in multiple technology stacks and over a dozen languages, I would be able to perform the task easily.

With unique skill sets I can scale systems both by vertical improvements, and horizontal network scaling.




The most crucial component to a powerful platform is efficiency.

There is a vast difference between a platform that requires 6mb per a request vs 500kb. Every additional request is exponentially more costly. This may not matter at 1000 users, but it will certainly matter handling a large traffic platform.

Having this skill set helps businesses to be more effective at allocating resources for impacting value and growth.

Software Platform and Website Developer Charles D. Gonzalez Miami, FL USA


The homepage is part of a concept website and has not been commissioned for a customer. For myself I had set the challenge to use many moving elements, while the website also had to radiate tranquility and authority.





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The reasons

Why I develop Software Platforms

In a world of constant imerging tech, businesses face many issues.

  1. In 2021 90% of users were reported to continue shopping because of great UX Design.
  2. Less than 1 out of every 10 developers can deliver a typical software with basic features in a time less than 2 months.
  3. Less In a study commissioned by Google, decreasing mobile site load times by just one tenth of a second resulted in over 10% increases in conversion rates.
  4. The breakout of the pandemic in 2020 pushed 76% of businesses to strategize for long-term changes with their existing technology.
  5. Too many reasons to list.

I seek to offer the impossible for growing businesses

In a modern age where technical skillsets are always requiring improvements.. I am always advancing my own knowledge in all stages of development cycle.

Why me?

In the last decade as a individual that has developed full cycle production software for private businesses, learned close to a dozen programming laguages that enable business on all digital mediums, I offer invaluable skill sets that would conventionally require an entire team's knowledge.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Charles D. Gonzalez

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